ARRT Certification

The American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) certification is a document to verify if individuals are qualified to work in diagnostic imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy. 

Radiologist Salary

Radiologists are physicians who analyze and interpret X-rays and other medical imaging results, diagnose patients, and conduct radiation treatments.

X-ray Certification

An X-ray certification allows technicians to operate X-ray equipment and perform other radiographic procedures legally.

Radiology Careers

Diagnostic radiology, or simply radiology, is a broad medical field wherein medical professionals utilize various imaging technologies to diagnose and treat a patient’s medical condition.

X-ray Tech Salary

An X-ray technician is in charge of producing the patient’s diagnostic visualization under the instructions and supervision of a radiologist.

Radiology Tech Salary

Radiologic technologists are healthcare workers who conduct diagnostic imaging procedures to help diagnose and treat diseases and injuries.

What Do They Do in Radiology?

A medical doctor is often the first person who advises a patient to see a radiologist. A radiologist’s job is to analyze data from medical imaging procedures to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. 

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