Shoulder X-ray

This webpage presents the anatomical structures found on shoulder X-ray.

Shoulder X-ray, AP projection

Radiographie de l'épaule: cliché de face 1, Clavicle.
2, Acromion.
3, Greater tubercle.
4, Lesser tubercle.
5, Neck of the humerus
6, Humerus.
7, Coracoid Process.
8, Scapula
9, Rib.
Arrow, Glenohumeral joint space.


Shoulder X-ray: lateral view

Radiographie de l'épaule: cliché de profil 1 Coracoid Process.
2 Clavicle.
3 Acromion.
4 Humeral head.
5 Humerus.
6 Scapula (Axillary border of scapula)

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