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This website contains information / indications on the various radiology examinations. Understanding the pages of this website requires a minimum of medical knowledge (nursing school level, medical radiology technicians), which clearly defines the audience who can benefit from visiting this site.


This website provides information / guidance on radiology examinations for informational purposes only. The imaging protocols, preparation or procedure of an exam may vary from one radiologist to another or must be modified according to the pathologies present in the patients. The information given cannot be exhaustive. The opinions expressed may not be consensual. Despite our best care, errors may have occurred while posting these pages. The choice of radiological technique depends on the pathology sought and the availability / accessibility of the radiological equipment. The information presented here may not be applicable to the user or maybe out of date.

Reading the pages of this site by a patient can therefore in no way replace a consultation with his radiologist / treating physician. The use of information or protocols by healthcare professionals may only be done at their own risk. Authorized radiological advice should always be sought.

Consequently, no responsibility for any damage whatsoever can be attributed to the Webmaster.
Out of respect for professional secrecy, e-mails dealing with personal medical questions cannot under any circumstances be answered.

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Electronic messages will only be kept while they are being processed. Your contact details will in no case be communicated or made available to third parties. While browsing this site, no personal data is collected and cookies may be disabled.

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This site is private. It is neither subsidized by any public body nor funded directly or indirectly by any manufacturer of radiological or contrast equipment.

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