Cerebral CT

This photo gallery presents the anatomical structures found on cerebral CT. Axial reconstructions Coronal reconstructions Sagittal reconstructions Axial reconstructions Image 1, cerebral CT, axial reconstruction. 1, Maxillary sinus (Right side). 2, Nasal septum. 3, Maxillary sinus (left side). 4, Nasopharynx. 5, External auditory meatus. 6, Foramen magnum. 7, Cerebellum. Image 2, cerebral CT, axial […]

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Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) accurately irradiates a tumor with multiple small radiation beams. The complexity of an IMRT treatment is significantly longer than that of conventional radiation therapy because of the extra treatment time.

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Atlas of BRAIN MRI

An “overview” of the brain anatomy is offered on this page. A review of brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used as support. The anatomy of the brain is studied by means of axial, coronal and sagittal views. The MRI sequence used is a 3D gradient echo T1-weighted. For a more detailed description of

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