Forearm X-ray

This webpage presents the anatomical structures found on forearm x-ray.

AP Projection.

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Lateral projection.

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This webpage presents the anatomical structures found on the forearm x-ray.

An X-ray uses radiation to take black and white images of the tissues and bones in the forearm. The test is proven safe and 100% painless. Highly-trained X-ray technicians perform x-ray tests. These can be done in a hospital’s radiology department or a private healthcare provider’s clinic.

A forearm X-ray is a test that takes a picture of a person’s forearm, the area that includes the elbow, ulna, radius, and wrists. It involves taking two pictures — one depicts the side view (lateral projection), and the other shows the front view (anteroposterior or AP projection). Forearm X-rays help determine the causes of pain, swelling, tenderness and deformity of the forearm area. The test is also used to detect broken bones.

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