Radiologist Salary in Louisiana

  • As of May 2021, radiologists in Louisiana can earn a mean yearly wage of $162,940(1)
  • Radiologists earn different salaries based on their specialization in diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology, and interventional radiology.
  • The yearly salary for entry-level radiologists in Louisiana can be $66,490(2).

Radiologist Salaries Based on Certifications, Skills, and Other Qualifications

The radiology certifications, expertise, and skills listed below can influence Lousiana’s starting or regular pay estimates.

Diagnostic Radiologist

A diagnostic radiologist is a practitioner who uses imaging techniques to diagnose and treat patients. 

As of June 2022, diagnostic radiologists in Louisiana can make an annual wage of $292,488(3).

Radiation Oncologists

A radiation oncologist is a physician who has received advanced training in radiation therapy (also known as radiotherapy) and the total medical care for cancer patients. Furthermore, these doctors can use radiation therapy to remedy or relieve cancer symptoms.

In Louisiana, radiation oncologists can earn $412,930 annually(4).

Interventional Radiologists

Interventional radiologists are medical specialists who can provide minimally invasive treatment options using radiologic imaging. Compared to surgical intervention, interventional radiology treatments have become the preferred care procedure for specific situations, offering fewer risks, less pain, and a shorter recovery period.

As of May 27, 2022, interventional radiologists can earn $415,900 in Louisiana(5).

Radiologist Salary per City in Louisiana

A radiologist’s average pay can vary based on their employment situation. Wages for radiology professionals may also be affected by job industry trends and living expenses.

Below are the following Louisiana locations and the profession’s average yearly wage:

  • Lafayette: $398,890(6)
  • New Orleans: $429,490(7)
  • Baton Rouge: $403,690(8)
  • Shreveport:  $399,090(9)

Radiologist Earnings by Seniority

Radiologists in Louisiana can earn various salaries based on their industry years and seniority status.

Radiologists’ annual salary by seniority status in Louisiana can be as follows(10):

  • Entry-level: $66,490
  • Junior-level: $110,990

Entry-level radiologists in the United States can earn an average salary of $206,920(11).

Job and Salary Satisfaction

A salary survey found that radiologists are the most likely health professionals to pursue the same career choice(12)

However, the survey data do not demonstrate whether medical experts’ perceptions depend on a higher salary scale.

Furthermore, while many studies have discovered that salaries enhance motivation, the assumption that higher pay begets higher work satisfaction is debatable(13)

More research into the factors impacting radiologists’ salary satisfaction is necessary.

Comparison of Radiologist Salaries to Similar Careers

The average wage figures for similar industries in Louisiana provided below may benefit aspiring radiologists.

Common Benefits 

Radiology allows critical and logical minds to explore and develop new medical technologies and therapeutic options.

Furthermore, radiologists may access a range of salary structures. These specialists may be paid hourly, on a fixed salary, or based on the duration and nature of their services.

Job Description 

Radiologist tasks may involve(16)

  • Gathering patient records through electronic documentation, patient conversations, document evaluation, and consultations with referring physicians. This task may also include writing a comprehensive data analysis of the findings.
  • Using medical statistics to classify patients’ health risks (such as contrast medium allergies) and the relevance of procedures.
  • Notifying the relevant physicians about image-based diagnoses.
  • Including radiology in other medical processes. This responsibility may include documenting processes’ performance, assessment, and outcomes.
  • Enforcing patient and staff safety procedures.

Necessary Level of Education to Become a Radiologist

Individuals interested in becoming radiologists must first become physicians by earning a medical degree(17).

After receiving a bachelor’s degree, candidates must participate in and complete a medical school training program.

Companies for Radiologists in Louisiana

Here are several Louisiana medical companies that may employ radiologists: 

  • Lafayette General Medical Center
    1214 Coolidge Street, Lafayette, LA 70503
    (337) 289-7991
  • Lake Area Hospital
    4200 Nelson Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605
    (337) 474-6370
  • Ochsner Medical Center
    1514 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70121-2429
    (504) 842-3000
  • Ochsner Medical Center-Kenner
    180 West Esplanade Avenue, Kenner, LA 70065-6001
    (504) 468-8600
  • Our Lady of Lake Regional Medical Center
    5000 Hennessy Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70808-4375
    (225) 765-6565
  • Rapides Regional Medical Center
    211 Fourth Street, Alexandria, LA 71301
    (318) 473-3000

The Top Paying States for Radiologists

In the United States, the top-paying places for radiologists may include(18):

  • Montana
  • Arizona
  • Hawaii
  • New Jersey
  • New Hampshire

Facts About Louisiana

Here are some facts about Louisiana(19):

  • In 1682, Robert Cavelier de La Salle claimed the Louisiana Territory and named it after King Louis XIV; “La Louisiane” means “Land of Louis” in French.
  • Driskill Mountain, located east of Shreveport, is the state’s highest point. The elevation is 535 feet above sea level. 
  • Louisiana’s lowest point is New Orleans, which is eight feet below sea level.


1. How much do radiology physician assistants (RPAs) earn in the United States?

As of June 5, 2022, RPAs may collect an annual average wage of $41,443(20).

2. What is a good salary in Louisiana?

The annual salary for healthcare practitioners in Louisiana is $62,670(21). This estimation may indicate a fair salary for radiologists in Louisiana.

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