Radiologist Salary in Colorado

  • As of May 2022, radiologists in Colorado can collect a mean annual wage of $432,790(1)
  • Depending on their training qualifications in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, and radiation oncology, radiologists in Colorado can earn varying wages.
  • Colorado’s annual beginning salary for radiologists can be $100,920(2).

Radiologist Salaries Based on Certifications, Skills, and Other Qualifications

Radiology certifications, proficiencies, and skills determine Colorado’s entry-level or full-time income statistics.

Diagnostic Radiologist

Diagnostic radiologists use imaging methods to scan patients for anomalies. While these professionals can direct radiologic technologists and other skilled individuals who do the scanning, the diagnostic radiologist’s primary responsibility is to analyze the scan and convey the findings to other physicians.

Individuals interested in becoming radiologists must finish a medical degree training and a residency program. Potential diagnostic radiologists must complete additional license requirements and obtain membership from an organization such as the American Board of Radiology.

As of June 2022, diagnostic radiologists in Colorado can make a yearly wage of $320,641(3).

Interventional Radiologists

Interventional radiologists screen patients to determine and choose a suitable treatment regimen. Furthermore, these specialists use x-rays and radioactive materials to analyze and detect human body disorders.

An interventional radiologist must also have a medical degree from an authorized school and earn a license to practice.

As of May 2022, interventional radiologists in Colorado can earn $432,800 yearly(4).

Radiation Oncologists

A radiation oncologist is a medical specialist in radiation therapy (commonly known as radiotherapy) and the medical care of cancer patients. Furthermore, these physicians can employ radiation treatment to address or eliminate cancer symptoms.

In Colorado, radiation oncologists can earn $429,740 annually(5).

Radiologist Salary per City in Colorado

The usual salary of a radiologist in Colorado may vary depending on their professional context. Wages for radiology experts may also depend on job market trends and living expenditures.

The following Colorado cities can have a yearly wage of:

  • Denver: $438,990(6)
  • Colorado Springs: $432,090(7)
  • Boulder: $444,690(8)
  • Aurora:  $438,690(9)

Radiologist Earnings by Seniority

Radiologists’ salaries in Colorado depend on their seniority degree.

Radiologists’ annual salary by seniority in Colorado can be as follows(10):

  • Entry-level: $100,920
  • Junior-level: $122,840

Job and Salary Satisfaction

According to a compensation analysis, radiologists are the most likely medical employees to pursue the same profession(11)

However, the study’s results do not establish whether the more excellent compensation impacted health professionals’ perceptions.

Furthermore, while numerous studies have demonstrated that income promotes motivation, the assumption that a higher salary implies higher job satisfaction is debatable(12)

More research into the variables affecting radiologists’ wage satisfaction is essential.

Comparison of Radiologist Salaries to Similar Careers

The salary estimates for people in Colorado provided below may assist aspiring radiologists in determining whether a radiology career is a good fit for them.

Common Benefits 

Radiology allows analytical and scientific minds to investigate and create innovative technology, medicine, and therapy solutions.

Furthermore, radiologists may be eligible for a range of compensation systems. These professionals may be paid hourly, regularly, or based on the length and quality of their services.

Job Description 

Radiologist duties may involve the following(15)

  • Apply radiopaque chemicals to make organs apparent on x-ray films and fluoroscopic monitors.
  • Examine medical records to classify patients’ health risks (for instance, intolerance to contrast medium) and the suitability of specific processes.
  • Incorporate radiology with other medical processes. This activity may include documenting procedures’ effectiveness, assessment, and consequences.

Necessary Level of Education to Become a Radiologist

After earning a bachelor’s degree, aspiring radiologists must enroll in and complete a medical school degree course.

Companies for Radiologists in Colorado

Here are some Colorado health centers that may hire radiologists: 

  • Craig Hospital, Englewood
    3425 South Clarkson Street, Englewood, CO 80113-2899
    (303) 789-8000
  • National Jewish Health
    1400 Jackson Street, Denver, CO 80206-2762
    (303) 388-4461
  • North Colorado Medical Center
    1801 16th Street, Greeley, CO 80634
    (970) 352-4121
  • Porter Adventist Hospital
    2525 South Downing Street, Denver, CO 80210-5876
    (303) 778-1955
  • Poudre Valley Hospital
    1024 South Lemay Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524-3998
    (970) 495-7000
  • Saint Joseph Hospital
    1375 E 19th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218-1191
    (303) 812-2000
  • University of Colorado Hospital
    12605 East 16th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80045-2545
    (720) 848-0000

Popular Cities for Radiologist Jobs in Colorado

The top cities in Colorado for radiologists may include:

  • Fort Collins
  • Colorado Springs
  • Boulder

The Top Paying States for Radiologists

The regions that offer radiologists the highest salaries are(16):

Facts About Colorado

Here are some facts about Colorado(17):

  • Colorado is regarded as the Centennial State because of its establishment in 1876, a hundred years after the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.
  • At 7,664 feet above sea level, the Colorado Alligator Farm in the San Luis Valley is the world’s only high-altitude alligator settlement.
  • The typical living cost in Colorado may be $46,642(18).


1. Do radiologists make a lot of money?

Despite the consequences of COVID-19, radiology remains one of the top medical jobs regarding incentive bonuses(19). This observation suggests that radiology doctors can earn a lot of money.

2. How much does a radiology resident earn in the United States?

As of June 2022, radiology residents may earn a yearly wage of $66,291(20).

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