Radiologist Salary in South Carolina

  • As of May 2021, radiologists in South Carolina may make a mean annual compensation of $173,060(1)
  • Radiology certifications in radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology, and interventional radiology may lead to salary differences among radiologists.
  • In South Carolina, the average yearly compensation for entry-level radiologists is $57,540(2).

Radiologists in South Carolina can earn an average annual wage of $173,060, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)(3)

Radiologist Salaries Based on Certifications, Skills, and Other Qualifications

Beginning or full-time average base pay estimates in South Carolina may vary according to radiology specialties, skills, and credentials. 

Diagnostic Radiologist

Physicians can see inside a patient’s body structures using diagnostic radiology images. Diagnostic radiologists are doctors who specialize in reading and interpreting these photographs.

As of May 25, 2022, diagnostic radiologists in South Carolina may collect a yearly wage of $211,293(4).

Radiation Oncologists

A radiation oncologist manages and treats cancer patients and individuals with non-cancerous (benign) disorders. The doctors have honed their skills even more by concentrating their techniques on diverse ailments, particularly complex and rare cancers.

In South Carolina, radiation oncologists can make $403,450 annually(5).

Interventional Radiologists

Interventional radiologists use procedures of radiological image guidance to target therapies for various organ systems accurately.

As of May 27, 2022, interventional radiologists in South Carolina can earn $406,300 a year(6).

Radiologist Salary per City in South Carolina

The average compensation of radiologists varies based on their work contexts. The need for radiologists in the job market and living expenses are two criteria that impact radiologists’ earnings.

The following regions in South Carolina have an estimated yearly salary of:

  • Charleston: $412,290(7)
  • Myrtle Beach: $390,590(8)
  • Columbia: $402,290(9)
  • Greenville: $412,390(10)

Radiologist Earnings by Seniority

Radiologists in South Carolina may earn other compensation depending on their seniority status and work experience.

Radiologists’ pay by seniority level in South Carolina may be as follows(11):

  • Entry-level: $57,540
  • Junior-level: $98,880

Job and Salary Satisfaction

According to salary data, radiologists are the most likely professionals to return to the same professional field(12). However, the study’s outcomes do not say whether the physicians’ attitudes are due to a modest compensation scale.

Furthermore, while research signifies that compensation influences motivation, the assumption that fair pay equals great satisfaction is debatable(13)

More research into the factors that influence radiologists’ wage satisfaction is necessary.

Comparison of Radiologist Salaries to Similar Careers

The yearly salary estimations for similar positions below may interest aspiring radiologists.

Common Benefits 

Creative and analytical minds in the radiology professions enable the research and development of new medical equipment and therapies.

Furthermore, radiologists may earn money in various ways. These specialists may be paid hourly, on a predetermined wage, or based on the length and range of care they provide.

Job Description 

Radiologist professional duties may involve the following(17)

  • Radiologists consider a patient’s anatomy, pathology, patient findings, and previous examinations to determine the optimum diagnostic method while limiting radiation exposure.
  • Moreover, radiologists work closely with radiographers as part of a wider multidisciplinary team and use their radiology knowledge and skills to collaborate with and guide other health professionals.

Companies for Radiologists in South Carolina

Here are several medical institutions in South Carolina that employ radiologists: 

  • AnMed Health
    800 North Fant Street, Anderson, SC 29621-5793
    (864) 512-1000
  • Bon Secours-St. Francis Hospital
    2095 Henry Tecklenburg Drive Charleston, SC 29414-0001
    (843) 402-1000
  • Greenville Memorial Hospital
    701 Grove Road, Greenville, SC 29605-4295
    (864) 455-7000
  • Lexington Medical Center
    2720 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, SC 29169
    (803) 791-2000
  • Medical University of South Carolina
    169 Ashley Avenue, Charleston, SC 29425
    (843) 792-2300
  • McLeod Health
    555 East Cheves Street, Florence, SC 29502-2617
    (843) 777-2000
  • Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
    101 East Wood Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303-3016
    (864) 560-6000

Popular Cities for Radiologist Jobs in South Carolina

A few cities that may have the highest number of job opportunities for radiologists in South Carolina include(18):

  • Charleston
  • Greenville
  • Myrtle Beach

Facts About South Carolina

Here are some facts about South Carolina(19):

  • The Latin line “Dum spiro, spero,” which translates to “While I breathe, I hope,” appears on the state seal, along with the phrase “Animis opibusque parati,” which signifies “Prepared in mind and resources.”
  • Charleston has acquired the title “The Holy City” because the city contains over 400 places of worship representing various denominations.
  • Until 2004, tattooing was illegal in South Carolina. Residents had to travel out of state to nearby Georgia or North Carolina to get legally tattooed. 
  • Shag dancing, the official state dance of South Carolina, may have originated in Myrtle Beach. In the dance family tree, the Shag is a descendant of the Jitterbug.
  • John Rutledge became the first governor of South Carolina after the formation of the state’s government. Before the state government’s leader became known as a “governor” in 1779, he was one of two men who held the government designation of “President of South Carolina.”

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