Radiologist Salary in Utah

  • As of April 2022, the average annual salary estimate for radiologists in Utah is $410,290(1).
  • Radiologist certifications in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, and medical physics may cause a salary difference among radiologists.
  • The average entry-level salary estimate for radiologists in Utah is $77,930(2).

Radiologist salaries may vary depending on the city and crucial factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years practitioners have spent as radiologists.

The latest wage report from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the agency does not have the data yet regarding radiologist wages in Utah(3)

However, one salary report showed that in Utah, a radiologist makes an average salary of $410,290 as of April 26, 2022(4). This salary estimate may also fall between $356,690 and $474,590. 

Furthermore, the data above indicates that radiologists in Utah may earn around $7,890 per week.

Radiologist Salaries Based on Skills and Certifications and Other Qualifications

Listed below are various radiology skills and certifications that may affect wage statistics in Utah, including entry-level or full-time annual and average base salaries

Diagnostic Radiologist

Diagnostic radiology covers all areas of radiological diagnosis and various diagnostic and medical imaging approaches, including nuclear radiology, diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, and interventional procedures.

Diagnostic radiology physicians work primarily in hospitals and can specialize in several fields, including vascular intervention, neuroimaging and intervention, abdominal imaging and intervention, nuclear medicine, chest and heart imaging, pediatric imaging, and mammography(5)

The function of the radiologist has expanded due to significant advancements in diagnosis. This expansion resulted from technological advancements that enabled several interventional radiology procedures. 

A diagnostic radiologist is medicine’s eye, assisting primary care physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases.

As of May 22, 2022, the average annual salary for a diagnostic radiologist in Utah is $224,865 annually(6)

Diagnostic Radiology Specialists

Diagnostic radiologists can have different salary ranges depending on their specializations. These specialized radiology jobs may include(7):

  • Neuroradiology: Neuroradiology specialists diagnose and treat brain illnesses, sinuses, spine, spinal cord, neck, and central nervous system, including aging and degenerative disorders, seizures, cancer, stroke, cerebrovascular illnesses, and trauma.

    As of May 2022, the average annual salary for a neuroradiologist in Salt Lake City, Utah, is $311,529(8).
  • Pain Medicine: Pain medicine experts evaluate and cure patients experiencing acute or persistent pain and cancer-related pain. These tasks may be applicable in inpatient and outpatient contexts and necessitate coordination regarding patient care with other specialists.

    As of April 2022, pain medicine physicians in Utah could earn an average yearly salary of $341,679(9). Moreover, this estimate might range between $282,670 and $448,746.
  • Pediatric Radiology: Pediatric radiologists employ imaging and interventional methods to diagnose, treat, and control congenital abnormalities (those present at birth) and conditions that affect children and newborns. 

A pediatric radiologist also addresses disorders that start in infancy and can lead to adulthood disabilities.

Certified imaging radiologists may need two more years to earn credentials for this specialization: one year of fellowship and one year of practice or extra approved training.

As of May 2022, the average annual salary for the Pediatric Radiology profession category in Utah is $242,903(10).

  • Nuclear Radiology: Nuclear radiology specialists employ trace amounts of radioactive chemicals (radionuclides) to produce images for diagnosis. PET (positron emission tomography) and SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) scans are two types of nuclear imaging that can incorporate nuclear radiology.

    Specializing in nuclear radiology may require interested individuals to complete fellowship training for an extra year.

Interventional Radiologists

An interventional radiologist diagnoses and treats malignant or benign disorders of the thorax, abdomen, pelvis, and extremities by combining imaging, image-guided minimally invasive treatments, and specific patient care.

Primary certification in interventional radiology requires three years of diagnostic radiology plus two years of interventional radiology coursework(11).

The average annual pay of interventional radiologists in Utah may be $410,300 as of April 26, 2022. However, this approximation may fall between $356,700 and $474,600(12).

Radiation Oncologists

Radiation oncologists address malignant and benign illnesses with ionizing radiation and other techniques. Additional treatments that radiation oncologists may employ to aid in treatment selection and administration include computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and hyperthermia (heat). 

Radiation oncologist aspirants may have to spend five years of training, including one year of general clinical practice and four years of full-time radiology oncology training(13).

As of April 26, 2022, the average annual pay of radiation oncologists in Utah is $407,350. However, the salary range may fall between $351,020 and $467,710(14).

Medical Physicists

Medical physicists use their knowledge of the fundamental scientific principles of therapeutic and imaging procedures to aid in disease treatment and diagnosis. These practitioners apply their expertise when executing or overseeing technical aspects of operations to guarantee radiation safety for diagnostic or therapeutic objectives. 

The sort of training necessary for medical physicists varies per specialization. Diagnostic medical physics, nuclear medical physics, and therapeutic medical physics are the three specialized fields of medical physics.

As of April 26, 2022, the average annual salary of a medical physicist in Utah is $126,090. However, the salary range usually falls between $109,144 and $148,708(15).

Based on the data above, radiation oncologists and interventional radiologists are two of the highest-paid types of radiologists.

Radiologist Salary per City in Utah

Radiologists‘ income potential depends on the state or region they practice radiology. The need for radiologists and the cost of living are two factors that can influence radiologists‘ earnings.

Here are the annual average salary estimates for several cities in Utah:

  • Layton: $399,690(16)
  • Lehi: $394,590(17)
  • Ogden: $401,190(18)
  • Orem: $396,390(19)
  • Provo: $396,390(20)
  • Salt Lake City: $411,490(21)

Radiologist Earnings by Seniority

The seniority status of radiologists in Utah may influence their earning potential.

As of 2018, radiologists‘ earnings by seniority in Utah could be as follows(22):

  • Entry-level: $77,930
  • Junior-level: $123,170

Job and Salary Satisfaction

A report showed that radiologists belong to a group of physicians who are most likely to choose the same career path again(23). However, the results are unclear if the physicians’ overall response is due to their average salaries.

Moreover, although research shows that the motivational components of compensation are well-established, the assumption that high salaries lead to high satisfaction levels is not without dispute(24)

Comparison of Radiologist Salaries to Similar Careers

Aspiring radiologists examining their career options may benefit from the following information regarding salary estimates of similar professions(25):

  • Pediatricians: $240,000
  • Internists: $230,000
  • Immunologists: $218,000
  • Urologists: $218,000
  • Sports medicine physicians: $218,000
  • Pathologists: $218,000

Annual salary reports for other similar occupations are as follows:

  • X-ray Technician: $57,569(26)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI technologists: $140,068(27)

Common Benefits 

Professional learning, various insurance benefits, and vacation leave are possible perks for radiologists.

Moreover, professional development aid and visa sponsorship may also be accessible to some radiologists.

Additionally, radiologists may apply for benefits such as malpractice insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and health insurance.

Furthermore, relocation aid, additional discounts, and tuition reimbursement advantages may be available to radiologists.

Radiologist Job Description 

Radiologist tasks may include the following(28)

  • Assist patients in selecting the appropriate examination, analyze the accompanying medical images, and apply test results to guide patient care as a professional consultant to the referring physician (the doctor who sends individuals to the radiology department or clinic for testing).
  • Treat disorders by employing radiation (radiation oncology) or minimally invasive, image-guided treatment approaches (interventional radiology).
  • Correlate medical imaging results with other evaluations and examinations
  • Recommend further appropriate procedures or treatments, and confer with the referring physicians.
  • Instruct radiologic technologists (equipment operators) in properly conducting quality tests

Companies for Radiologists in Utah

Some companies in Utah that may employ radiologists are: 

  • Intermountain Medical Center (flagship hospital of Intermountain Healthcare)
    5121 South Cottonwood Street Murray, UT 84157
    (801) 507-7000
  • LDS Hospital
    Eighth Avenue and ‘C’ Street Salt Lake City, UT 84143-0001
    (801) 408-1100
  • Orem Community Hospital
    331 North 400 West Orem, UT 84057
    (801) 714-3307
  • University of Utah Hospital
    50 North Medical Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84132-0002
    (801) 581-2121
  • Utah Valley Hospital
    1034 North 500 West Provo, UT 84604-3337
    (801) 357-7850

Facts About Utah

Listed below are several facts about the state of Utah(29):

  • The United States’ first transcontinental railroad was in Promontory, Utah.
  • Utah is the only state where each county incorporates part of a national forest.
  • Utah has the most religiously uniform population in the US, with 60% of the population being Mormon (compared to only 2% of the whole American population).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the national average salary for radiologists in the united states?

As per the BLS report, the mean annual wage for radiologists is $301,720(30).

2. What states have the highest employment level of radiologists?

The states that employ the most radiologists are New York, Washington, Florida, Texas, and Arizona(31).

3. What is the difference between a radiologist and a radiology technologist?

Radiologists” and “radiology technologists” are two different job titles regarding education prerequisites and certifications. 

For example, radiologists enroll in radiology courses while radiology technologists apply to radiologic technology programs.

Furthermore, the credentialing agency for radiologists is typically the American Board of Radiology(32). In contrast, radiologic technologists usually earn American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certifications(33).

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