Radiologist Salary in Texas

  • Based on data, the average annual salary for radiologists in Texas is $410,290 as of September 2020(1).
  • The typical annual average salary range for radiologists in Texas is between $356,790 to $474,690(2).
  • Based on ZipRecruiter data, an entry-level radiologist makes an average salary of $67,462 in Dallas, Texas, as of October 2020(3).
  • Factors that affect a radiologist’s salary include the city they work in, their educational background, professional background, certifications, and additional skills. 

Radiologist Salary by Seniority

The number of years that Texas-based radiologists spend practicing their profession affects their average salary. Radiologists in Texas need about 10 to 14 years of professional experience to meet the median salary for the profession.

The following table plots the estimated salaries of radiologists in Texas with various years of experience in the job, based on data as of September 2020:

Professional Experience in Years Estimated Median Wage Amount Compared to Median Salary ($396,990)
< 1 $392,723 $17,567 less
1 to 2 $392,723 $17,567 less
3 to 4 $394,320 $15,970 less
5 to 6 $396,715 $13,575 less
7 to 9 $400,708 $9,582 less
10 to 14 $410,290 Equal
15 to 19 $421,824 $11,534 more
≥ 20 $426,630 $16,340 more

*These figures may change when new information comes in


Radiologist Salary by City in Texas

Based on data as of September 2020, radiologists in the following Texas cities earn the highest average annual base salary(4):

City Avg Annual Wage
Bellaire, TX $428,260
Houston, TX $428,260
Galena Park, TX $428,034
Alief, TX $428,034
Stafford, TX $427,592
South Houston, TX $427,592
North Houston, TX $427,366
Missouri City, TX $427,145
Sugar Land, TX $426,923
Pearland, TX $426,923

Meanwhile, diagnostic radiologists practicing in the following cities in Texas with active job markets earn the highest average salary, based on ZipRecruiter data as of October 2020(5):

City Avg Annual Wage
San Angelo, TX $239,009
Odessa, TX $236,342
Texas City, TX $236,330
Sugar Land, TX $235,513
Fort Worth, TX $234,445
Dallas, TX $233,760
College Station, TX $231,815
Arlington, TX $231,303
Round Rock, TX $230,664
Irving, TX $225,847

*Figures may change when new information comes in

Radiologist Salary Satisfaction

According to 273 ratings, 51% of radiologists in the United States of America are satisfied with their salaries(6).

These survey participants agree that their current salary is enough to meet the cost of living in their area.

Indeed is the top global job site with over 250 million unique monthly visitors(7).

Radiologist Salary vs. Salary From Similar Careers

Radiologists’ salaries may vary based on an individual’s qualifications. Such qualifications may include the certifications and skills that radiologists and related professionals obtain throughout their careers.

According to the occupational employment statistics of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Texas has the second highest employment level among radiologic technologists and radiology technicians(8).

The national average of employment for radiologic technologists is highest in California, followed by Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Metropolitan areas in Texas with high employment rates include Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land and Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington.

The BLS offers an Occupational Employment Statistics query system, which gathers the latest labor data of multiple occupations for one geographical area(9)

The following employment rates and salary data for other radiologist jobs and subspecialties in Texas are based on BLS figures as of May 2019:

Related Job Title Employment Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Wage
Physicians, Cardiologists, Dermatologists, and Pathologists 23,490 $96.44 $200,590
Radiation Therapists 1,990 $43.40 $90,270
Cardiovascular Technologists and Cardiovascular Technicians 5,450 $26.73 $55,590
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers 5,120 $34.69 $72,160
Nuclear Medicine Technologists 1,180 $37.46 $77,920
Radiologic Technologists and Radiology Technicians 16,480 $29.35 $61,050
MRI Technologists 2,540 $35.37 $73,570

Note that estimates in the employment column do not include self-employed workers. Annual wages are calculated by multiplying the corresponding hourly wage by 2,080 hours.

How to Become a Radiologist in Texas

Standard requirements for aspiring radiologists include an Associate of Science (AS) degree or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from accredited radiology programs.

Graduates of such degrees must also earn continuing education credits as licensed radiographers, and then pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s degree programs may take up to five years to complete. Such programs train students with radiology backgrounds for interventional radiology and other advanced positions in radiology fields.

Medical internships also require a bachelor’s degree. Radiographers may become radiologists, or licensed physicians, once they follow an educational path that includes internship programs and residency. 

In total, education to become a radiologist may take around 13 years to complete.

Job Description

Radiologists are physicians or medical doctors who mainly specialize in medical body imaging. These professionals may further specialize in interventional radiology, diagnostic radiology, or radiation therapy.

They work full-time with various equipment that create diagnostic images, including  X-ray, medical resonance imaging (MRI), and breast imaging.

Diagnostic radiologists then interpret the medical images they developed to recommend proper treatment methods to their patients.

Meanwhile, interventional radiologists depend on the images from diagnostic radiology equipment to administer minimally invasive techniques in treating various diseases.

Radiologists typically begin their careers as radiographers, radiologic technologists, part-time physician assistants, or registered nurses.

After completing continuing education, these specialists may pursue a medical doctor’s (MD) degree to become radiologists.

Common Benefits

Radiologists may have several benefits, including professional development benefits, several insurance benefits, and vacation leaves.

Some radiologists have professional development assistance benefits and visa sponsorship benefits.

Insurance benefits can include malpractice insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and health insurance.

Vacation benefits can also include parental leave and paid time off.

Radiologists may receive relocation assistance, employee discounts, and tuition reimbursement benefits.

Radiologist Employment in Texas

Fidelis Partners is among the best healthcare companies in Texas that hire radiology physicians. The medical center is mainly located in Orange County, California. Its second office is located in Dallas, Texas.

Envision Physician Services is another top healthcare company in the United States with opportunities for practitioners in Texas looking for diagnostic radiologist jobs and anesthesiology jobs.

About Texas

In the United States of America, Texas is the 28th state as of 1845. It is the largest state in the south-central segment of the United States of America(10).

The state capital is Austin, located in the South-Central part of Texas.

Texas shares a land border with Oklahoma in the north and Louisiana in the east.

The state’s major cities include Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth.


Radiologists are physicians who specialize in specific fields including MRI, mammography, and diagnostic imaging.

In the United States, radiologists in New York earn the highest salary, based on data(11).

New York radiologists earn a median salary of $448,390 as of September 2020.

Based on ZipRecruiter data, the most-searched states for interventional radiologist salaries are Minnesota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Alabama(12).

In Texas, the median salary is $410,290. Meanwhile, radiologists in Bellaire earn the highest annual salary at $428,260.

Salaries of radiologists may vary depending on the city they live in and the number of years they have spent practicing their profession.

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