Radiologist Salary in NC

  • The average salary of radiologists in North Carolina is around $312,659(1).
  • Meanwhile, as of May 27. 2022, the annual entry-level salary for radiologists in North Carolina is approximately $51,962(2).
  • Based on 2018 data, female radiologists in the United States earned an average of 21% less than male radiologists(3).
  • Radiologist certifications may increase individuals’ earning potential, including those for diagnostic radiologists, radiologist specialists, and interventional radiologists.

Salary by Level of Education, Skills, and Qualifications

As of May 29, 2022, the average (or “avg.”) salary for radiologists in North Carolina is $312,659(4). This figure is higher than the mean national average of $301,720, according to a salary report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)(5).

Radiologists are medical doctors (MDs). Individuals may define a “good” radiologist salary in North Carolina differently. 

For example, individuals may consider factors such as the state’s average or mean (middle) salary based on their education, experience, location, and other factors.  

In addition, national certification may qualify individuals to work in states outside North Carolina, such as New YorkHere are radiology certifications that may impact salaries in North Carolina(6):

Certified Diagnostic Radiologist  

A diagnostic radiologist utilizes tools like X-rays, ultrasound, and electromagnetic radiation to diagnose and treat various diseases. 

Training requires clinical and radiology training. Students typically complete an additional year of training in a fellowship. 

A diagnostic radiologist may specialize in a particular area after certifying in diagnostic radiology.  


Radiologists can become certified in a subspecialty after completing additional training and exams for such specializations such as: 

Pain medicine: Radiologists diagnose and treat patients with pain-related health problems, such as chronic pain and cancer-related pain. 

Nuclear radiology: Radiologists administer small amounts of radioactive substances to create images for diagnosing patients (inpatients or outpatients). Individuals may use positron emission tomography (PET) in body imaging.  

Neuroradiology: Radiologists have responsibilities such as diagnosing and treating disorders. Such disorders include conditions affecting the central nervous system (CNS), spine and spinal cord, brain, and neck. 

Pediatric radiology: Radiologists use images related to the diagnosis and care of various abnormalities existing at birth.

Certified Interventional Radiologist 

An interventional radiologist combines competency in imaging and image-guided procedures before, during, and soon after patient care.  

The objective is to treat benign and malignant conditions of the extremities, abdomen, thorax, and pelvis. 

Various therapies include angioplasty, drainage and ablation, and 

stent placement.

Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA)

The Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) credential is an examination-based certification designed for medical imaging administration. Its characteristics include the following(7)

  • Earned by passing an examination that tests knowledge and skills in various areas. 
  • Focuses on all aspects of imaging management. 

Individuals should renew their credentials and complete continuing education (CE) requirements in different domains. 

As of May 29, 2022, the average annual salaries in North Carolina for the above-mentioned radiological certifications include:

  • Certified Diagnostic Radiologist: $365,000 per year(8).
  • Certified Radiologist Specialist: $363,999 per year(9) 
  • Certified Interventional Radiologist: $419,000 per year(10)  
  • Certified radiology administrator: $137,450 per year(11).  

Radiologist Salary in North Carolina by City

The state or region where radiologists practice radiology can impact their earning potential. Factors potentially affecting radiologists’ salaries include the demand for radiologists and the cost of living

As of May 29, 2022, North Carolina is within the top 20-percentile populated U.S. state(12)

Thus, this factor may impact the state’s total healthcare spending and demand for healthcare professionals like radiologists.

As of May 29, 2022, here are some average radiologist salaries for North Carolina cities(13)

  • Raleigh: $341,536    
  • Jacksonville: $327,437   
  • Concord: $321,044    
  • Charlotte: $315,005    
  • Fayetteville: $307,186    
  • Cary: $305,882   
  • Asheville: $303,142    
  • High Point: $302,844    
  • Durham: $293,025    
  • Greenville: $282,364    

Radiologist Salary by Seniority

The seniority level of radiologists in North Carolina may affect their earning potential. 

As of May 298, 2022, the average annual salaries of radiologists in North Carolina are(14)

  • Mid-level: $196,670
  • Junior-level: $77,590

Meanwhile, the average entry-level salary of radiologists in North Carolina starting out in their career may be $56,140.

Salary Gender Gap: Breakdown and Comparison

A recent report evaluated the salary range of male and female radiologists(15)

  • As of 2018, the average compensation for U.S. radiologists was $429,000. Radiology was ranked tenth among all specialties included in the report. 
  • The report indicated that radiology had the fourth-largest gap between the salaries of men and women. 
  • In 2018 the average salary for men was $442,000, and the average salary for women was $349,000. Thus, women earned an average of 21% less than men. 

Salary Satisfaction

The issue of salary satisfaction affects radiologists throughout North Carolina, such as those in Chapel Hill or Greensboro.

A study published in La Radiologia Medica evaluated the job satisfaction rate among radiologists(16). Researchers indicated that nearly half of diagnostic radiologists reported job satisfaction.

Furthermore, the study suggested that the medical industry’s lower-level radiologists showed less job satisfaction than their colleagues who had top job positions(17)

Researchers should conduct future research regarding the relationship between the salaries and job satisfaction of radiologists in particular modalities, such as mammography

Radiologist Salaries: Comparison to Similar Careers

Individuals should know how the average annual salary of radiologists compares with similar jobs in the medical industry.

These figures are the average salaries of similar careers in North Carolina(18):

  • Orthodontist: $277,000
  • Internist: $261,000
  • Gynecologist: $255,000
  • Family practitioner: $205,000
  • Dentist: $196,000
  • Urologist: $197,000
  • Sports medicine physician: $197,000
  • Immunologist: $197,000
  • Pathologist: $197,000

Radiologist Job Description and Most Common Benefits

Radiologists are medical doctors specializing in using medical imaging procedures such as(19)

  • X-rays
  • Computed tomography (CT) 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Ultrasound
  • PET 
  • Nuclear medicine

Requirements for individuals to become a radiologist may include medical school, residency, and fellowships with specializations such as pediatric radiology, interventional radiology, and radiation oncology(20)

Radiologiststotal compensation may include salaries, medical, dental, and vision benefits. 

When reviewing compensation data, individuals should determine whether it indicates facets such as the average base salary

Cost of Living by City 

When selecting a North Carolina city or town in which to work, individuals should also consider the general cost of living there. A city’s high cost of living may offset the benefits of a high average salary for radiologists.  

Top Companies for Radiologists in North Carolina

Radiologists in North Carolina may consider companies in the job market, including options like medical groups. 

Some examples include(21):

  • Radia: $386,362
  • MedMark Treatment Centers: $369,424
  • VA Illiana Health Care System: $284,605
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: $250,136

Steps to Become a Radiologist in North Carolina 

The general procedures to become a radiologist include(22) 

Step 1: Earn a bachelor’s degree. Students aiming to become an MD must initially earn a bachelor’s degree. They must typically complete coursework such as biology.

North Carolina residents have several in-state options, including the University of North Carolina (UNC). 

Step 2: Complete medical school. Radiologists must earn an MD degree, typically requiring four years to complete. Students must complete the required class coursework and clinical rotations. 

Step 3: Complete internship and residency. The next four years of radiology training include paid internships, such as working at medical centers, hospitals, and clinics. 

Then students commence working in radiology as residents. 

Step 4: Complete fellowship. Following a four-year residency, radiologists usually complete training in a fellowship. Fellowships usually are similar to residencies and require one or two years to complete. 

Step 5: Obtain licensure and certifications. Radiologists can then obtain full state licensure to practice as radiologists. Additionally, individuals may earn full-state licensure. Medical industry employers frequently require radiologists to become board certified.

Facts About North Carolina

Here are some interesting facts about North Carolina(23)

  • The Wright brothers completed the world’s first successful flight of a mechanically propelled airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903. 
  • The first Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opened in Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • America’s first gold rush took place in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.
  • Individuals created and served the first Pepsi in Bern, North Carolina


These frequently asked questions (FAQs) are common queries regarding radiology careers:

  1. What skills do radiologists need? 

Radiologists’ may need communication, organization, analytical, and problem-solving skills. 

  1. How generally easy or difficult is it to become a radiologist?

Radiology is a competitive medical field. Individuals must complete academic and clinical requirements before practicing radiology.

  1. How much does a radiologist make in North Carolina?

Besides learning how much a radiologist makes in North Carolina, individuals may ponder the average or mean salary of radiologic techs.  

Radiologic technology uses radiation to provide images of human organs, bones, tissues, and vessels in the human body(24). Individuals who then use the job titles of radiologic technicians or technologists help produce X-ray images to help diagnose injury, deformity, or disease. 

Factors that may affect a radiologic tech’s salary include credentials such as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification. 

As of May 29, 2022, the average salary of radiologic technologists in North Carolina may be $60,110(25)

  1. What are the highest-paid radiologists?

Radiologist specialists may be among the highest-paid radiologists. For example, the average salary for neuroradiologists in North Carolina may be $363,999(26).

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