Radiologist Salary in Arkansas

  • Radiologists’ average annual salary in Arkansas may be $147,373(1).
  • Entry-level radiologists in Arkansas may earn an average annual salary of $51,290(2)
  • The average salary of radiologists in Little Rock, Arkansas, may be $266,334(3).

Salaries by Skills, Certifications, and Other Qualifications 

As of June 1, 2022, radiologists’ average annual base salary in Arkansas may be $147,373(4).

The various skills and certifications that may influence radiologists’ salaries in Arkansas include specializations and certifications. 


Radiologists complete a residency program, then afterward, typically select a fellowship in a particular specialization of radiology(5). Individuals may generally select one or multiple fellowships, including the following modalities:  

  • Abdominal radiology
  • Breast radiology
  • Cardiothoracic radiology
  • Musculoskeletal radiology
  • Neuroradiology 
  • Nuclear radiology
  • Pain medicine 
  • Pediatric radiology 
  • Vascular radiology


Radiologists’ certifications may also impact their earnings. Certifications may include types of radiology including(6):  

Diagnostic radiology: This branch of radiology helps healthcare providers visualize structures within a patient’s body. Physicians specializing in interpreting such medical images are known as diagnostic radiologists. Radiologists can:

  • Diagnose the cause of a patient’s symptoms 
  • Monitor how patients respond to treatment
  • Screen patients for various illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease 

Interventional radiologists: These doctors use imaging such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to help guide medical procedures. Imaging assists doctors when inserting small instruments and tools into a patient’s body.  

Physicians can use such medical technology to detect and treat conditions in several parts of the human body.

As of June 1, 2022, the average annual salary of certified radiologists in Arkansas may include:

  • Diagnostic Radiologists: $363,544(7)
  • Interventional radiologists: $400,700(8)

Various factors determine which radiologists earn the most money. However, certain radiologist specialists may earn some of the highest salaries. For example, the average annual salary of neuroradiologists in Arkansas may be 301,730(9)

 Radiologist Salary in Arkansas by City

The state and city or town where radiologists work may impact their salaries and earning potential. Influencing factors may include an area’s cost of living and demand for radiologists.

Arkansas may be ranked second among the U.S. states with the lowest cost of living(10)

As of June 1, 2022, radiologists in Arkansas may earn these average salaries in the following cities(11)

  • Fayetteville: $327,507
  • Jonesboro: $308,141
  • Fort Smith: $279,305
  • Rogers: $277,582
  • North Little Rock: $266,916
  • Little Rock: $266,334
  • Springdale: $261,621
  • Hot Springs: $259,083

Radiologist Salary by Seniority

As of June 1, 2022, the average annual salaries of radiologists in Arkansas may be(12)

  • Mid-level: $127,190 
  • Junior-level: $62,440 
  • *Entry-level radiologists may make an average annual salary of $51,290 starting out in the field.  

Salary Satisfaction

Occupational data shows that 51% of American radiologists may perceive their salaries as sufficient for their region’s cost of living(13).  

A 2020 survey suggested these findings regarding radiologists’ salaries and job satisfaction(14):

  • Radiologists are among the highest-paid healthcare specialists 
  • Radiologists rank among the top medical specialists in incentive bonuses.
  • Radiologists’ average annual salaries increased by 2% (2019 to 2020).

Radiologist Salaries: Comparison to Similar Medical Careers

Individuals considering a radiology career should know how the average salaries compare with similar careers. The average annual salaries of similar medical occupations may include(15)

  • Family practitioner: $229,000
  • Internist: $220,000
  • Gynecologist: $171,000
  • Pediatrician: $190,000
  • Podiatrist: $129,000
  • Hospitalist: $127,000
  • Immunologist: $127,000
  • Urologist: $127,000
  • Sports medicine physician: $127,000
  • Radiologist: $127,000

Job Description and Most Common Benefits

Here is some critical information regarding the job description of radiologists(16)

  • They are medical doctors specializing in diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases. 
  • They use exams and tests such as CT, MRI, X-rays, positron emission tomography (PET), nuclear medicine, and ultrasound.
  • They often complete 13 or more years of training, including medical school, residency, and frequently a fellowship.
  • The American Board of Radiology (ABR) certifies them. 
  • They may complete specialized training such as interventional radiology or radiation oncology.
  • They may complete continuing education (CE) as a professional requirement. 

Some of the most common benefits radiologists receive may include medical, dental, and vision. 

Becoming a Radiologist

The length of time required to become a radiologist may take up to 13 years(17). The general timeframe includes:

  • Bachelor’s degree: four years
  • Medical school coursework: four years
  • Internship: four years
  • Fellowship: one year

Top Companies for Radiologists in Arkansas

Companies in Arkansas hiring radiologists may include(18)

  • Curative: $463,450
  • Radia: $386,362
  • MedMark Treatment Centers: $369,424
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: $298,718
  • VA Illiana Health Care System: $284,605

Radiologists, X-ray Technologists, and X-ray Technicians: What Is the Difference?

A radiologist is a medical doctor (MD), while X-ray technologists and X-ray technicians are not. The primary similarities and differences between X-ray technologists and X-ray technicians include(19):

X-ray Technologists 

X-ray technologists are generally classified as healthcare professionals. They must complete medical courses like human anatomy and secure the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification.  

X-ray technologists generally interact directly with patients by capturing X-ray images. 

X-ray Technicians

The medical industry generally does not classify X-ray technicians as healthcare professionals. Their required credentials are typically less than for X-ray technologists.

X-ray technicians generally interact less with patients. For example, they may prepare X-ray equipment.  

The medical term “tech” is an abbreviation of “technician.” 

As of June 1, 2022, the average annual base salary of X-ray technicians or “X-ray techs” in Arkansas may be $25,829(20)

Facts About Arkansas

Here are some interesting facts about Arkansas(21)

  • Fur trader Henri de Tonty, the “Father of Arkansas founded the first European settlement on the Arkansas River. 
  • Arkansas’ name originated from French settlers. The concluding “s” of the word is silent. State law makes it illegal to mispronounce “Arkansas” while in the state. 
  • Arkansas is the only North American state containing a diamond field. 
  • Arkansas is the largest rice producer in the U.S.

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