Radiologist Salary in Arizona

  • As of 2021, the estimated annual salary for radiologists in Arizona is equal to or higher than $208,000(1).
  • Credentials in interventional radiology, radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology, and medical physics may lead to income differences among radiologists.
  • The estimated average starting salary for radiologists in Arizona is $111,380(2).

Radiologist salaries may differ in each city due to crucial aspects, including educational prerequisites, certifications, specialized skills, and the length of time professionals have worked as radiologists.

The recent wage estimates from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggest that in Arizona, a radiologist makes a mean annual wage equal to or greater than $208,000(3). 

Moreover, an April 2022 report indicates that radiologist salaries in Arizona may fall between $372,290 and $495,290(4). 

Radiologist Salaries Based on Skills and Certifications and Other Qualifications

The radiology expertise, skills, and certifications summarized below may influence wage figures in Arizona, encompassing entry-level or full-time annual and average base salaries

Diagnostic Radiologist

Diagnostic radiology incorporates different diagnostic and medical imaging techniques, including diagnostic ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), nuclear radiology, and interventional treatment strategies. 

Diagnostic radiology physicians operate primarily in hospitals and have specialties like vascular intervention, pediatric imaging, neuroimaging and intervention, nuclear medicine, and mammography(5)

 The role of the radiologist has grown due to significant discoveries in diagnosis. These developments resulted from technological advancements that boosted various interventional radiology procedures.

A diagnostic radiologist is medicine’s vision, aiding primary care specialists in verifying and curing medical conditions.

As of May 23, 2022, the mean annual pay for a diagnostic radiologist in Arizona is $198,828(6)

Diagnostic Radiology Specialists

Depending on their expertise, diagnostic radiologists can have varying average base pay. These radiology specialties may include the following categories(7):

  • Pain Medicine: Pain medicine specialists evaluate and cure individuals with severe or chronic pain and cancer-related aggravation.
    As of April 26, 2022, pain medicine specialists in Arizona may collect a mean annual salary of $356,256(8). Moreover, this approximation may range from $294,729 to $467,891.
  • Nuclear Radiology: Nuclear radiology specialists use tiny quantities of radioactive substances (radionuclides) to create images for diagnosis.
    This specialty may necessitate an additional year of fellowship training for those eligible.
  • Pediatric Radiology: Pediatric radiologists employ imaging and interventional methods to diagnose, treat, and monitor congenital anomalies and conditions affecting young individuals and newborns.
    As of May 2022, the mean annual wage for the pediatric radiology occupation category in Phoenix, Arizona, is $235,778(9).
  •  Neuroradiology: Specialists in neuroradiology assess and plan treatment approaches for the nervous system and medical conditions, including degenerative disorders, cancer, stroke, and trauma.
    As of May 23, 2022, the average annual salary for a neuroradiologist in Arizona is $367,008(10).

Interventional Radiologists

An interventional radiologist uses photographs, image-guided minimally invasive operations, and customized patient care to monitor and treat malignant or benign disorders of the thorax, abdomen, pelvis, and extremities.

The mean annual salary of interventional radiologists in Phoenix, Arizona, can be $427,800 as of April 26, 2022(11). However, this figure typically falls between $371,900 and $494,900.

Radiation Oncologists

Radiation oncologists may adopt computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and hyperthermia (heat) to aid in therapy selection and implementation. 

As of April 26, 2022, the average yearly salary of radiation oncologists in  Arizona is $425,080(12). However, the salary range may fall between $366,300 and $488,070. 

Medical Physicists

Medical physicists apply their expert knowledge of the fundamental scientific concepts in therapeutic and imaging processes to assist disease detection and risk reduction. 

As of May 23, 2022, the mean annual salary of a medical physicist in Arizona is $191,655(13)

Radiologist Salary per City in Arizona

The income of radiologists depends on the state or region in which they work. The two elements that can influence radiologists‘ salaries are the demand for radiologists and the cost of living.

Here are the mean yearly salary estimates for several cities in Arizona:

  • Avondale: $426,590(14)
  • Flagstaff: $400,590(15)
  • Gilbert: $427,790(16)
  • Mesa: $427,790(17)
  • Peoria: $426,890(18)
  • Phoenix: $427,790(19)
  • Scottsdale: $427,790(20)
  • Tempe: $427,790(21)
  • Tucson: $406,890(22)
  • Yuma: $444,090(23)

Radiologist Earnings by Seniority

The seniority level or radiologists’ years of experience in Arizona may impact their income potential.

Radiologists‘ salaries by seniority in Arizona may be as follows(24):

  • Entry-level: $111,380
  • Junior-level: $168,980

Job and Salary Satisfaction

According to a compensation report, radiologists are the most likely physicians to pursue the same professional path again(25). However, the report’s findings do not specify whether the doctors’ responses are due to a competitive salary.

Furthermore, although research shows that the motivational factors of salary are well-established, the idea that competitive salaries result in high satisfaction levels remains inconclusive(26)

Additional studies may be necessary to explain the relationship between the job satisfaction levels of radiologists and their salaries.

Comparison of Radiologist Salaries to Similar Careers

Aspiring radiologists intending to pursue a career in radiology may find the following salary estimates for related occupations helpful(27):

  • Psychiatrists: $241,000
  • Sports medicine physician: $229,000
  • Pathologists: $229,000
  • Immunologists: $229,000
  • Urologists: $229,000

Annual compensation estimates for other related jobs are as follows:

  • X-ray Technician: $68,060(28)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI technologists: $120,598(29)

Common Benefits 

Radiologists may benefit from professional growth and insurance. 

Moreover, some radiologists may also apply for professional development scholarships and visa sponsorship.

Furthermore, radiologists may be eligible for relocation assistance, discounts, and enrollment fee reimbursement.

Job Description 

Radiologist job responsibilities may involve the following(30)

  • Help patients select suitable procedures, review medical images, and utilize assessment findings to advise patient care.
  • Address medical conditions with radiation (radiation oncology) or image-guided therapy (interventional radiology).
  • Correlate body imaging results to supplementary assessments and recommendations.
  • Recommend additional procedures or medications, and confer with the referring physicians, if appropriate. 
  • Advise radiologic technologists (equipment operators) on performing quality testing correctly.

Companies for Radiologists in Arizona

Some healthcare centers in Arizona that may have open positions for diagnostic imaging specialists are: 

  • Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center,
    1111 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85006-2666
    (602) 239-2000 
  • Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
    5555 West Thunderbird Road, Glendale, AZ 85306-4696
    (602) 865-5555
  • Honor Health – Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center
    9003 East Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6771
    (480) 323-3000
  •  St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
    350 West Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85013-4496
    (602) 406-3000
  • University of Arizona Medical Center
    1501 North Campbell Avenue Tucson, AZ 85724-5128
    (520) 694-0111
  • The Medical Center – Navicent Health
    777 Hemlock Street, Macon, GA 31201-2155
    (478) 633-1000

Facts About Arizona

Here are several facts about the state of Arizona(31):

  • The “Grand Canyon State,” Arizona‘s renowned and now official nickname, honors the state’s most prominent feature, the Grand Canyon.
  • The name “Arizona” comes from the Aztec Indian word “arizuma,” which signifies “silver-bearing.”
  • The United States regards Arizona as the “Copper State” because of its rich copper deposits.


1. What is the national average salary for radiologists in the United States?

As per the BLS report, the mean annual wage for radiologists is $301,720(32).

2. What states have the highest-paid radiologists?

The top-paying states for radiologists are Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, and New Jersey(33).

3. What states have the highest employment statistics for radiologists?

The states that recruit the most radiologists are New York, Washington, Florida, Texas, and Arizona(34).

4. What is the difference between a radiologist and a radiology technologist?

Radiologists” and “radiology technologists (radiology techs)” are two distinct job titles in terms of certifications, educational background, and salaries.

For example, radiologists complete radiology programs while radiology technologists complete radiologic technology coursework.

Moreover, the credentialing body for radiologists is typically the American Board of Radiology. In contrast, radiology technologists obtain American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) credentials.

Additionally, radiology techs or radiologist techs may earn less than radiologists. For instance, in Arizona, these technologists may earn $62,001 per year(35)

Furthermore, the national average salary for entry-level radiologists in the United States is $68,575(36).

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