Chest X-ray

Two chest radiographs are proposed: one AP projection, the other lateral projection. The legend is in the middle of the page.

Chest X-ray: AP Projection

Chest X-ray: AP Projection.

1, Trachea. 2, Clavicle. 3, 4th posterior rib. 4, Right main bronchus. 5, Right breast shadow. 6, Gastric air bubble. 7, Left hemidiaphragm. 8, Left ventricle. 9, Descending aorta. 10, Left pulmonary artery. 11 Left upper lobe. 12, Left atrium. 13, Right ventricle. 14, Right pulmonary artery. Right pulmonary veins. 15, Vertebral body (Thoracic spine). 16, Posterior costophrenic angle.

Chest X-ray: lateral projection

Chest x-ray, lateral projection